Saturday, October 07, 2006

Balaclava Row by Patricia Grey.

Author: Patricia Grey
ISBN: 1-84067-399-0
Genre: Wartime Fiction

Publisher: Knight paperbacks.

"Balacava Row was just like any other North London street in 1940, its inhabitants making the best of their lives and struggling to make a living during the war. But when a local jeweller is found dead, DCI Jack Stamford and his able sergeant realize that no one in the Row is quite what they seem."

I bought this book as I was searching for a Wartime novel. I hadn't read one before and wanted to give one a try. So when I was in my local book store, I picked this one up, hoping it would be good.

As I read it, I felt like I had been transported back into the TV show 'Heartbeat'. It has this cosy feel to the book, that makes you want to carry on reading it. The author helps you to see how people lived back in the war time, and how they struggled.

There were a couple of characters I liked reading about; Naffnel, Rose & Lexie.

Overall this was a charming book to read, it wasn't overly exciting, and didn't have me gripped. It was just nice.

My Verdict: A charming read.

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