Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Saint Thomas's Eve by Jean Plaidy.

Author: Jean Plaidy
ISBN: 0-09-949323-3
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: arrow books

Henry VII once warned his son, the future King of England, not to trust Thomas More; years later that same son made More his confidante and advisor. But the allegiance is dangerously one-sided. A family man, lawyer and writer, More's ambitions are humble, whilst Henry's are endless. As More's career at court rises so too does his religious fervour, much to the concern of his eldest daughter, Meg. Torn between her heretic husband and the secrets her father has confided in her, it is only a matter of time before her More will make the ultimate sacrifice for"

I borrowed this book from my sister after she read it and had really enjoyed it. Being a fan of historical fiction, I was eager to read this, as I hadn't read anything by this author before.
It took me a little while to get into the story, as it didn't seem that much was happening. But once I got to half way through the book, it began to pick up and I found myself enjoying it.

I liked reading about St Thomas More's relationship with his family, and his closeness to his eldest daughter Margaret. How they cherished him, and how Margaret wished for him to be home with them, instead of at Court.
What I liked about this book is, instead of giving you an insight into the world of Court life, you was given an insight into the life of Sir Thomas More.

Overall, I did enjoy this book, it's not my favourite Tudor novel, but I am pleased I read it, and I would read more from this author.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner.

Author: Jennifer Weiner
ISBN: 0-7434-4102-8
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Pocket Books

Cannie Shapiro never wanted to be famous. The smart, sharp, plus-sized reporter was perfectly happy writing about other people's lives for her local newspaper. And for the previous twenty-eight years, things have been tripping along nicely for Cannic. Sure, her mother has come charging out of the closet, and her father had long since dropped out of her world. But she loves her job, her friends, her dog and her life. She loves her apartment and her commodious, quilt-lined bed. She has made a tenuous peace with her body and she even felt OK about ending her relationship with Bruce. But now this...'Loving a larger woman is an act of courage in our world, Bruce has written in a national woman's magazine. And Cannie - who never knew that Bruce saw her as a larger woman, or thought that loving her was an act of courage - is plunged into misery, and the most amazing year of her life."

I got this book ages ago, but never felt drawn to pick it up to read. I'm sure many people have picked up books and then they wondered why they bought the book, when they wasn't drawn to it? Anyway, after reading a historical novel I decided I needed a bit of a light read. The reviews said it was a brilliant book, so I picked it up having never read anything by this author before, read it and having just finished the book myself, I can say this was a 'brilliant' read!

It was funny in places, very emotional and moving. There are many women out there that will be able to relate to 'Cannie' the main character in this book. How she struggles with coming to terms with her ex, learning he no longer loves her, her weight and her past.

I recommend this book to everyone and I will certainly be reading more books by this author.

My Verdict: A Brilliant Read!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Last Boleyn by Karen Harper

Author: Karen Harper
ISBN: 0-307-23790-7
Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: Three River Press.

She Survived Her Own Innocence, and the Treachery of Europe’ s Royal Courts Greed, lust for power, sex, lies, secret marriages, religious posturing, adultery, beheadings, international intrigue, jealousy, treachery, love, loyalty, and betrayal." The Last Boleyn" tells the story of the rise and fall of the Boleyns, one of England’ s most powerful families, through the eyes of the eldest daughter, Mary. Although her sister, Anne, the queen; her brother, George, executed alongside Anne; and her father, Thomas, are most remembered by history, Mary was the Boleyn who set into motion the chain of events that brought about the family’ s meteoric rise to power, as well as the one who managed to escape their equally remarkable fall. Sent away to France at an extraordinarily young age, Mary is quickly plunged into the dangerous world of court politics, where everything is beautiful but deceptive, and everyone she meets is watching and quietly manipulating the events and people around them. As she grows into a woman, Mary must navigate both the dangerous waters ruled by two kings and the powerful will of her own family in order to find a place for herself and the love she so deeply desires."

I was given this book by a good friend who had introduced me to Philippa Gregory. Having loved The other Boleyn Girl by Philippa, I soon found myself a fan of Historical fiction.
I was hoping that this book would be as good as TOBG, and I am happy to say I loved this book.

This novel is about Mary Carey's (Boleyn) life, it begins when she is a child sent of to live in the French court, how she is used there. She is then sent to live at the English court, and finds herself Mistress of the King while she is married to William Carey. While at court she finds true love with a William Stafford.

There are three main characters in this book, Mary, her father Thomas Boleyn and William Stafford. It is about her life, how she is used by her father and how William Stafford (Staff) is her one true love. So you don't get a good insight into Anne Boleyn's life. However, this didn't ruin the book for me, as I loved reading about Mary, and how she and Staff got together and how her life turned out. I have to say Karen Harper made Staff sound irresistible and sexy! I would love to see this book made into a movie.

I will definitely be looking for more books by this autthor.

My Verdict; A great book!