Sunday, June 15, 2008

LOTR's - The Fellowship of the Rings by J R R Tolkien

Author: J R R Tolkien
ISBN: 978-0-261-10320-7
Pages: 386
Harper Collins

This book was bought for me by my eldest son last Christmas, it's the 50th Anniversary edition and is complete with all three books in this huge and heavy hardback. At first I kept seeing the size of it and thought, I'm never going to get through that with it being way over 1000 pages long. It is a book I have wanted for a long time, and my son knew this. It was actually number 1 on my book list to get all three. Well my dear son made sure I had them all and I can tell you it was a shock at Christmas as I had no idea he had bought me it! It was a wonderful surprise.

Anyway, after picking the book up and beginning the first part The Fellowship Of The Rings, I became quickly hooked on it. Having seen the movies I knew what to expect, but having read the first part the book it's so much better as I was introduced to Tom Bombadil, who I had no idea existed in LOTR's. Tom Bombadil is one of my favourite characters of the book.

I have totally enjoyed this first part to the trilogy, and didn't know I loved fantasy so much. Well this book has me hooked. Now all I've got to do is get through the next two parts (The Two Towers & The Return of the King) and I can't wait!

10/10 from me!


Clare said...

So glad you loved it, I have the paperback version of the 3-in-1 so goodness knows you held that book whilst reading it! Glad to hear you like fantasy too have loads of recommendations if you want them :-))

Daphne said...

What a nice gift! Glad you enjoyed it.

Margo. said...

Clare, yes please I'd love to hear some recommendations.

Rhinoa said...

I have loads of reeommendations as well! I am glad you are enjoying the series so far. The first 50 pages of this and the last 50 of ROTK went on a bit and if you can get past them you are doing fine. I enjoyed The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales as well and hope to start The Histories edited by his son Christopher later this year or early next.