Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.

Author: Anne Rice
ISBN: 0-7088-3153-2
Warner Books

"'Ah, the taste and feel of blood when all passion and greed is sharpened in that one desire!' Lestat: a vampire - but very much not the conventional undead, for Lestat is the truly alive. Lestat is vivid, ecstatic, stagestruck, and in his extravagant story he plunges from the lasciviousness of eighteenth-century Paris to the demonic Egypt of prehistory; from fin-de-siecle New Orleans to the frenetic twentieth-century world of rock superstardom - as, pursued by the living and the dead, he searches across time for the secret of his own dark immortality."

After reading Interview with the Vampire, I was really looking forward to reading the second in this series. The Vampire Lestat is, Lestat's story, his side of events that took place and how he became a vampire. This book was really fun to read, it was gripping in places and emotional. I've become really fond of Lestat, whereas, in Interview with the vampire, from Louis point of view he's a unkind.

Reading this book I could visualise easily the scenery and events taking place, I loved reading how becoming a vampire affected him, and I really liked reading about his relationship with Gabrielle. I'm really looking forward to the next installment which is The Queen of the Damned.

A really good read!



Clare said...

I read this so long ao, I'm going to re-read it again, great review hun ps: like the new blog colour, very Samhain-y

Margo. said...

That's why I changed it Clare. ;)

Mr. Nauton said...

This book has one of my favorite scenes of all time, as the young Lestat is on his horse in the forest, battling the wolves and racing for the castle... at least i think that's what happens, I'd better go read it again...

cool blog!

Rhinoa said...

Glad to see you are enjoying the series so far. I hope you enjoy Queen of the Damned as much.