Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shopaholic & a Sister by Sophie Kinsella.

Author: Sophie Kinsella
ISBN: 0552771112
Genre: Chick Lit

Publisher: Black Swan

"Becky Bloomwood thought being married to Luke Brandon would be one big Tiffany box of happiness. But to be honest, it's not quite as dreamy as she'd hoped. The trouble started on honeymoon, when she told Luke the tiniest little fib, about the teeniest little purchase. Now she's on a strict budget, she doesn't have a job - and worst of all her beloved Suze has a new best friend. She's feeling rather blue - when she receives some incredible news. She has a long-lost sister! Becky has never been more excited. Finally, a real sister! They'll have so much in common! They can go shopping together... choose shoes together... have manicures together... Until she meets her - and gets the shock of her life. It can't be true. Surely Becky Bloomwood's long-lost sister can't... hate shopping? A sister. A soulmate. A skinflint?!"

I totally loved this edition of the shopaholic series. It was for me, by far the best!
It had all the laughter and the emotion that goes with Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood!). But this one I thought was just a little different and this difference, made it that more enjoyable for me. It was a little bit more realistic. Of course, the Shopaholic series will always be far fetched and yes this book was far fetched, but, I felt it was more realistic due to the the story of how she meets her sister and how different they are. I found this one so enjoyable, I laughed so much at the one-liners, but I also cried! (especially when she goes to see her sister and then, goes mountain climbing and then speaks to her hubby Luke on the phone) It tugged at my emotions a lot in this book and I so felt for Becky!

My Verdict: The very best of Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood). Fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

I love this book!!! but saying that i love all of the Sophie Kinsella books. =D