Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Little House by Philippa Gregory

Author: Philippa Gregory
ISBN: 058351149X
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 360
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harper Collins

It was easy for Elizabeth. She married the man she loved. It was harder for Ruth. She married Elizabeth's son and then found that, somehow, she could never quite measure up. This thriller examines what women want and what they fear, as Ruth confronts the shifting borders of her own sanity."

Philippa Gregory does it again, as she delivered this fantastic moving novel!
I was gripped from page one. After reading this book I have come to a conclusion that Philippa Gregory is my most favourite author, she's my number one. Not only can she write Tudor fiction, she can also write thrillers. This book had me wanting to jump into the story and help Ruth, and wanted me to open Patrick's eyes!

Basically the story is about how a daughter in-law cannot live up to her Mother in-laws expectations. Nothing she does is right, and when it comes to her having a baby, she can't even do that right. There is something sinister going on behind the scenes, the Mother In-law (Elizabeth) has other ideas for Thomas, her grandchild. She wants to bring him up and Ruth doesn't fit into her family. Ruth's in-laws threaten to have her put into a mental institution. But I can't tell you anymore, as you'll have to read it. I was so sure how this story was going to end but, I was surprised with a shock ending!

My rating: Totally gripping and very moving!!


Rhinoa said...

Cool will get around to this at some point. I have a copy of this and Zelda in the same book to read eventually...

Margo. said...

Hope like it Katie.