Saturday, July 15, 2006

Priestess Of the White by Trudi Canavan.

"When Auraya was chosen to become a priestess, it meant leaving behind her village, her family and the friendship she had formed with Leiard, the local Dreamweaver. Masters of herb lore and healing, Dreamweavers were despised for their heathen beliefs, and Auraya knew that she must hide her respect for the godless healers if she was to succeed in her new role. Now, ten years later she is a Priestess of the White, gifted with exceptional powers by the gods. Auraya still needs time to fully adapt to her new abilities but time is the one thing she does not have. Mysterious black-clad sorcerers plague the land, raising fears that these powerful strangers may even be stronger than the gods' chosen five. As hostile forces gather momentum, the White work to seal alliances wherever they can. If the land is to be drawn back from the brink of war, Auraya will need to master her Gifts and call upon all of the courage and wisdom at her disposal. For if the tide is not turned quickly, Auraya fears she may be remembered as the last Priestess of the White..."

I found this book to be disappointing. The discription of the book sounded good and I had heard Trudi Canavans Black Magician Trilogy was brilliant, and so hearing that she had wrote some amazing books I decided to purchase this one and after slugging through it, I wished I hadn't. It was boring and a real chore to get through. It's a big book with 659 pages and I found only the last 200 pages to be readable.

The story just wasn't exciting and discriptive enough. It didn't grab me. Verdict: Boring!


Kailana said...

I just discovered you blog, and I just bought this book. Now I am scared, because I thought it looked good but I do not want to read a boring book!

Margo. said...

Hi Kailana,

Don't let me put you off it hun, that was my opinion of the book. You may love it. ;)