Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I decided to create this place to keep a record of all the books I've read. I love books and like many am addicted to them.

In 2005 the books I read were

The Da Vinci Code ~ Dan Brown
I Can Make You Thin ~ Paul McKenna (fantastic book and it really does work!!!)
Change Your Life in Seven Days ~ Paul McKenna
Of Mice and Men ~ John Steinbeck
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire ~ J K Rowling
Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix ~ J K Rowling
Harry Potter Half Blood Prince ~ J K Rowling
Lion Witch and the wardrobe ~ C S Lewis
Haunted ~ James Herbert
Pyschic adventures of Derek Acorah ~ Derek Acorah

The ones that really meant more to me that year were Paul Mckenna's ones and J K Rowling Harry Potter books.

Other books I have read in 2004 were

Once ~ James Herbert
13 lessons for Pleasing the Devine ~ Lady Raya
Heaven and Earth ~ James Van Praagh
The Power of Kabblah ~ Yehuda Berg
Flowers in the Attic ~ Virginia Andrews


The Book Fiend said...

Some great reads mentioned there. I only discovered Harry Potter last summer & now I'm a confirmed fan. Of Mice & Men remains one of my favourites - I read it at school & loved it. Adored Once by James Herbert too - a real fairytale for grown-ups.

Clare said...

Once is brilliant and thanks to you raving about it I read and loved it :-)