Saturday, January 14, 2006

James Herbert ~ The Fog.

Author: James Herbert
ISBN: 0-330-37615-2
Genre: Fiction-Horror
Publisher: Bantam Press

"The peaceful life of a Wiltshire village is shattered when an earthquake releases a cloud of strange fog that drives people insane. There is only one man who can control the violence that has been unleashed."

I just finished this book. When I first heard about it I thought it was a ghost story, but it isn't.
It's about how an earth quake happens and a mysterious gas is leaked from beneath the ground. This gas turns people crazy and they start to gather and kill them selves, either by throwing themselves into the sea or jumping from buildings. They also turn against each other.

John Holman has to save the UK (and possibily the world) from this gas by trying to get to it's center so a cure can be found.

The book starts off with lots of action but then slows down in the middle. It did pick up again and overall it was an OK book. Not one I would rush to read again.

Verdict: An Okay read

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