Friday, February 22, 2008

Will Young - Keep On.

Format: Music CD
Artist: Will Young

1. Keep On
2. Switch It On
3. All Time Love
4. Ain't Such A Bad Place To Be
5. Think It Over
6. Who Am I
7. Happiness
8. Save Yourself
9. Madness
10. All I Want
11. Think About It
12. Home

I got this album just the other day while shopping at my local Sainsbury's. It was a smashing price at just £4! I love Will Young's music and supported him throughout 'Pop Idol'.
I had just never got around to buying this album (it came out in 2005), and when I saw it while shopping I snatched it thinking it was such a bargain!

I've listened to the album, and I love two of the songs he released 'All Time Love & Who Am I'. (in my opinion are by far the best songs on the album)
I also like 'Save Yourself & Home' the other songs are growing on me.....

All in all, not a bad album. Some songs are good while some others I don't like. At the moment, I prefer Will's 2nd album - 'Fridays Child, and in my opinion it is by far the best album so far.

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