Friday, February 22, 2008

Peter Bjorn And John - Writers Block

Format: Muisc CD
Artist: Peter Bjorn And John

1. Writer's Block
2. Objects Of My Affection
3. Young Folks - Peter Bjorn And John/Victoria Bergsman
4. Amsterdam
5. Start To Melt
6. Up Against The Wall
7. Paris 2004
8. Let's Call It Off
9. Chills
10. Roll The Credits
11. Poor Cow

This is an album I bought a month or so ago. I absolutely 'love' this album.
I first heard about them on the music channels, where their recently released single 'Young Folks' was played. I love this catchy song, so bought the album, never having heard anything else by this group or even knowing they existed before.
There's only a couple of songs on the album I skip past, the rest are really good in my opinion.
My favorite songs on the album are; Young Folks, Objects Of My Affection, Amsterdam, Let's call It Off.

It's very different from what's out atm, and catchy.

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