Sunday, January 20, 2008

When A Man Loves A Woman.

Format: Dvd
Theme: Romancing Drama.
Year 1997
Cert: 15
Duration: 120 minutes

Actors: Meg Ryan & Andy Garcia

"Two of Hollywood's hottest stars, Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia give critically acclaimed performances in this extraordinary motion picture hit. Ryan and Garcia portray Alice and Michael green, a passionate couple who have worked hard to build a good life for themselves and their two young daughters. But a dark secret from Alice's past is about to surface - a secret that threatens to destroy them as lovers, as a family and as individuals. Ignited by riveting star performances, When A Man Loves A Woman is the "must-see" hit of the year - a story of fiery passion and the enduring power of love!"

Want a movie that will have to balling your eyes out? Well, this is it.

I have always loved Meg Ryan in her movies, and although in most of them she comes across as pretty much the same, this one was different. She played a more serious role, more down to earth.

This is a movie about a woman who is a secret alcoholic, things become bad when she passes out in front of her daughter. It rips the family apart, comes between her and her husband, and her children. But will they survive this, will all be OK? Well, you'll have to watch it.

I liked how Meg Ryan played this part, sometimes when you see people in movies, it's like they play the same sort of role each time, especially with those who star in Comedies. But it isn't the case with this one. (It's the same with Jim Carey, in most of his movies, he acts in comedies, and comes across as the same character each time, which can become boring. But in 'The Majestic' he played a serious role, and I loved him in this movie.)

I have to say though, for anyone who does like their drink (like me), this movie is a bit of a wake up call. It makes you realize to make sure you have your drink in moderation, and not to take it for granted, as no one sets out to be an alcoholic, it just happens.

This is a heartfelt touching movie, and make sure you have your tissues with you!!!