Friday, August 03, 2007

Reiki Healing and Harmony Through The Hands by Tanmaya Honervogt

I wrote this review a few years ago.

Author: Tanmaya Honervogt ~ Reiki Master/Teacher.

Self Help, Spiritual

This is a fairly large book with in total a 143 pages.
This book starts off with an explanation about the book and then goes into an introduction to Reiki.

In the first chapter Tanmaya explains her path with Reiki and how she became a Master/Teacher. Telling her story about how Reiki found her and how it has affected her life, also she says where she teaches Reiki now.

Chapter Two is about the Meaning of Reiki.
It goes into detail what Reiki is, how we can use Reiki and what Reiki does, also how Reiki effects our emotions.
It explains the Chakra’s and how Reiki flows through the practitioner into the client.

Chapter Three tells the history of reiki.

Chapter Four explains the Reiki degrees.
Going into detail about what each degree involves, also giving simple breathing exercises to do for sleep and to energize your body.

Chapter Five explains Reiki treatments.
How to give self treatments and how to treat others, also explains meditations, how to harmonize the Chakras and how each Chakra affects our bodies. There is a section that shows you an exercise how to ground.

Chapter Six talks about Reiki in everyday Life.
For example giving Reiki to plants and animals. I know this myself that animals like Reiki as I give Reiki to my friends Cats and they love it.
There is a section explaining First aid using Reiki, going into detail on many situations like, Fear, insect bites, broken bones, burns and sprains, Heart attack and so on…..
This chapter also explains Reiki for stress and emotions, it includes another meditation and goes to explain how to cleanse your room, giving Reiki to food, using Reiki in meditation, how to protect yourself, and many ways how to use Reiki in everyday life, there is so much to this chapter I could go on and on…

Chapter seven is about healing and illness.
This chapter talks about what happens when we are ill and low, how it affects our mental state etc. And includes more meditations.

Chapter Eight is about Reiki practitioners experiences with Reiki, how it has affected their lives and how they have been able to treat themselves, others and animals.

I found this book to be very detailed about Reiki and the Usui system.
It is a wonderful and addictive book to read, I didn’t want to put it down. There are many beautiful pictures in this book, absolutely stunning pictures that can take your breath away. I felt that just about every issue was covered in this book except the Reiki Symbols, they are sacred, so I can understand why they are not listed in here.
In my opinion it is a wonderful book, well worth the money.

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