Friday, August 03, 2007

LIFE AFTER DEATH by by Neville Randle

I wrote this review a few years ago. There's no picture of the book as I can't find it anywhere in the net or on Amazon play etc....

: Neville Randle


Non Fiction

The book that shatters every myth about mortality.

I borrowed this book of my sister, as I am interested about life after death. It is something I have been interested in for a while now.

This book takes you into conversations mediums George Wood and Betty Greene had with spirits from the other side. Voices of the spirits were recorded onto tape. Some of the famous are claimed to have come through from the other side sharing their experiences with them. From Oscar Wilde, Cosmo Gordon Lang, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Mahatma Gandhi are a few.

This book covered what happens to our spirits as we die, where we go and what we do on the other side. How we meet our favourite pets again and how we meet our loved one. It also talks about how we can still eat and wear clothes as when we first pass over, we still feel we need these things but eventually realise they are earthly things and we don’t need them in the spirit world. Houses are said to be solid, there are colleges to go and study, theatres and more……. There is a lot to this book, however I felt there were some useless conversations in here, they seemed to go over the same thing again and again which got quite boring. But saying that I am pleased I read it as it did answer some questions for me and for anyone interested in life after death, then this book is good as a starter.

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