Friday, July 13, 2007

The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg

Author: Yehuda Berg
ISBN: 0-340-82668-1
Genre: Non Fiction
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hodder Mobius

Previously shrouded in secrecy, its teachings were passed down orally from generation to generation to only an elite few. Now, Rabbi Yehuda Berg has created a user's manual for today's world, in which its wisdom is conveyed in a practical form. In this book, these secret teachings are brought to bear on the real world issues faced by us every day - in our careers, with family and friends and in our innermost personal thoughts. Rabbi Yehuda Berg sets out a practical collection of principles and instructions for improving our lives, helping us to get where we really want to be emotionally, spiritually, financially and creatively in all aspects of life."

I got this book a few years ago, as I became interested in the teachings of Kabbalah. Being someone who doesn't follow any specific religion, I wanted to find out what it's all about, and I'm open to all beliefs. I found this book really interesting and it did answer some questions for me. Some parts I found a bit heavy, but it was very enjoyable to read and mind provoking. It's one of those books you go back to for inspiration. It has helped me on my 'spiritual' path, and I do go along with some of it's beliefs. This little book however, cannot tell you everything about Kabbalah, but it does give you a good idea. So I will be on search for more books of this subject.

I sum this book up as a good spiritual read for those in search of some answers, and those interested in this religion.


Rhinoa said...

I have seen this book and never bought it. What sort of stuff on Kabalah did it cover? I am doing a course through an organisation called Avalonia which is a little complicated, but is enjoyable so far.

Margo. said...

It covers the big bang, what life's purpose is. The Butterfly effect, Free Will, the Universe etc etc... Basically a lot of it is set as small chapters, so it tries not to be too heavy. Very thought provoking and positive.