Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Rockin!

Tanzanite, awarded me the Rocking Girl award. I haven't won an award before. So thank you hun!
I liked what she said about my blog and it's true I didn't read much as a child. As an adult my sister would lend me the odd book (as I wasn't into reading like she was) and I read a couple (The Magic Cottage by James Herbert & Dirty weekend Can't remember the author), then as my kids grew they were into reading big time! I often wished I enjoyed reading like they did. I started off with Spiritual and self help books until I met some friends online who often chatted about fiction, they sounded like they were having loads of fun and felt like I was missing out. So I decided to have a go, and I picked up Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews and it went from there. Since then I've been addicted to reading fiction, and I'm so enjoying myself.

OK now I'm supposed to award four people the Rockin Girl Award. They go to:

Tanzanite's Shelf and stuff
I know I'm handing one back to her and the reason for this is, I visit her blog a lot. I'm always interested in what she has to say in her reviews. It's one of my main favourites.

Confessions of a Book Addict
I love this blog and it's one of the first I always check. Clare reads pretty fast (so I know I can come here for good recommendations before I set out to find a book) and she is into genre's I like too. We both love Tudor fiction. Also she's a lovely person so these are the reasons why have awarded her.

My Front Room
This one goes to my my sis Jess, she is fairly new to blogging but is having loads of fun. I love reading her posts on her blog about her life and her daughter Sophie. She has also put some beautiful pic's on her blog of nature. I love that she takes photo's and hopes she shares more.

Things Mean A Lot
This seems to be a very popular blog and I have to admit, I love going there myself. I'm always interested to read the reviews this person has done. I also love the way the blog is set out. it looks so calming and pretty. It's one of my favourites.


Clare said...

Thanks Margo, what lovely things you say *kiss*

Margo. said...

You're welcome Clare xXx