Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Green Mile by Stephen King

Author: Stephen King
ISBN: 0-75282-675-1
Genre: Fiction.
Publisher: Orion

"At Cold Mountain Penitentiary, along the lonely stretch of cells known as the Green Mile, killers await death, whilst their guards watch over them. Good or evil, innocent or guilty, none of them have ever seen the likes of brutal new prisoner John Coffey, seemingly a devil in human form."

This is the BEST Stephen King book I have read so far. It was exciting, very moving and also made me laugh in places. I have just finished it and have a headache from crying for the last hour and a half. There aren't really any words I can find to describe this book, because for me it was that great. May be great it the word? But I feel it is better than great. I will let you know in my verdict at the end of this review, I have a word now I feel that comes close to describing it.

I loved how the book went into Pauls life as an old man, you don't really get to see that in the movie, and how Mr Jingles story was carried on, so we found out what happened to him. Although it is different in the movie. Definitely the best Stephen King book I've read so far.

The story is about how Paul Edgecomb is one of those in charge of looking after those on death Role and who also does the executions. His story is about how a young black man is sent to one of his Cells where he waits for his date of Execution. Paul soon realises there is some special about John Coffey. If you've seen the movie, (which was mostly true to the book) then you basically know the book, but I would highly recommed reading the book, part of the story carries on and also, there is another part to the book you don;t really see in the movie. For me the book is better, although I do rate the movie highly too.

My vertict: A Masterpiece!

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Kailana said...

I actually really liked this book. I am not a big King fan, but I did really like this book. I read it on an airplane once.