Monday, March 03, 2008

Name Change

Ooopsie!!!!! I just can't stop myself can I?
Well I changed the name of my blog one more time, and this time it is gonna stay!!!!!
The reason I did it, is because I had changed mine to books and stuff, and then I realized Daphne's was Shelf and stuff, and so I felt it just didn't seem right to have the same sort of title. So I reverted back to the blogs original name which is Book island.


Clare said...

I quite like Book Island :-)

Margo. said...

Hehehe thanks Clare. xXx

Marg said...

Are you sure?? I've changed it again!


Margo. said...

LOL Marg. I am sure this time. It's staying!! Hehehehe

Daphne said...

I thought coming up with a name was the hardest part about blogging!! I wouldn't have minded the similar name - but I like Book Island as well.

Margo. said...

I knew you wouldn't mind Daphne. I like Book island too. :)