Friday, June 01, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!

I've Been Tagged!!

Clare from has tagged me to answer these questions so here goes:

Name 3 Characters........
.............You wish were real so you could meet them:

Wow, let me think about this .......

Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife. We know she was real in another time, but I love to read about her. She was a strong and loving woman & wife.

Armande from Joanne Harris's novel; Chocolat. I just loved that book, this character just got to me and pulled at my heart strings.

John Coffey from Stephen Kings; The Green Mile. I wanted to step inside this book and hug this man, and tell him it was going to be alright.

..............You would like to be:

Dumbledore from the Harry potter series, he's just so wise, powerful and loving!

Vianne Rocher from Joanne Harris novel; Chocolate. I loved reading about her struggle to be accepted and her relationship with Armande was really moving.

Henry from The Time Travelers wife by Audrey Niffenegger. As I'd love to be able to time travel.

.................Who Scare Me:

Annie from Stephen Kings novel; Misery. She's just awful!!!

The Ghosts & father in Stephen Kings; The Shining.

The Ghost in James Herbert's; The Secret of Crickley Hall. He terrified me!!!

I'll tag Chrissy from; and Margo from

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