Friday, May 26, 2006

The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre.

Author: John Le carre
ISBN: 0-340-73339-X
Pages: 570
Publisher: Coronet
Type: Fiction.

"The young and beautiful Tessa Quayle has been horribly murdered on the shores of Lake Turkana.
Her putative African lover has disappeared, and her husband, Justin, a career diplomat and amateur gardener, sets out on a personal odyssey in pursuit of the killers and their motive.

His quest for enlightenment takes in Europe, Canada and Africa as he discovers terror, conspiracy and the woman he barely had time to love."

I don't usually go for this type of book, and yet and found myself enjoying it.

It's about how a man in Africa goes on the search of his wife's and her colleges murderers, he begins an investigation of his own to get down to the truth, as it is being covered up.
The book also goes into how Africa is exploited and the troubles out there.

I found it a great read, fast paced and easy to read.
Definitley one I would read again.


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